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Acid Proof Brick Lining

A Prime Acid Proof Lining & Flooring System Widely Adopted across the Globe to stop Corrosion amongst major industrial projects.

Kothari's Acid & Alkali Proof Bricks are available in general size of 230mm x 144mm x 38mm thick & 230mm x 114mm x75mm thickness.

For large size Reaction Vessels, RCC tanks & Chimneys, Lagoons, Sulphur melting pits, galvanizing & Pickling Tanks we recommend 75mm thick Acid proof Bricks application and installation.

For Chemical process floor, Medium size of Vessels, Tanks, Towers & Pits We Recommend 38mm thick Acid Proof Bricks application and installation.

These Acid Proof Brick are Bedded & Jointed with our different Acid Proof Cements & Resin Base Mortars. The Selection of Acid Proof Cements being used in Acid Proofing application are based on the chemical conditions, temperature 7 pH value of each Acid, Alkali or solvents used in respective Industrial Plants.